The Parrett Group vintage logo

A Bird, A Brand and Walking Billboards

Branding and breaking rules with the Parrett Group

Project Overview

Ready to stretch out into other markets the Parrett Group, a real estate firm, decided it was time to update the brand and execute a new strategy. Building off the brands equity, I updated the logo to a modern versatile design and applied it to all the usual suspects with one notable exception. Making a bold move the Parrett Group started by asking to apply their brand to apparel. While the competition was still advertising on benches and distributing chotskies that would never see the light of day, they decided to distribute t-shirts at client appreciation events and after closings. Designing from a retail perspective, we created shirts that were meant to be worn again and again maximizing exposure and opening up the conversation between their current and prospective clients.

(The line has become such a hot commodity when past clients get wind of new designs they put in requests right away!)


  • Branding
  • Digital Design
  • Apparel Design
The Parrett Group branding design

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