A Brand of Brothers

Working with Franklin Township Fire’s finest to create a new logo design.

Project Overview

This “brand” project wasn’t like any others I had ever worked on before. In most cases, a brand’s purpose is to “sell” something to an audience, whether that something is a product, a service and in some cases an idea. This venture, however, was about building a personal brand that represents the group of first responders that make up the Franklin Township Fire Department. After passing a much-needed levy, they wanted to usher in the new era with a new look that represented it’s near 70-year tradition. Working with the crew on concepts between runs, we created the “new” brand for the Franklin Township Fire Department. I don’t normally geek out on my work, but I have to admit there is something pretty damn cool about seeing my design on the side of a fire truck!


  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
Franklin Township Fire Logo design

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